Completion of yet another Novenco AS offshore Air Handling Unit at Hi Air Korea factory

It is a pleasure to announce that yet another Novenco AS offshore air handling unit has been completed at the factories of Novenco’s owner, Hi Air Korea. This one is an indoor offshore AHU type ZPR.

Through our owners in Korea, Novenco has the possibilities to manufacture our own equipment in the factories of Hi Air Korea.

Utilizing this advantage, Novenco can offer flexibility in manufacturing locations adapted to our customer needs and we have an extraordinary capacity and flexibility in manufacturing of our own equipment.

The AHU design, component selections and sizing, 3D modelling, strength calculations and production drawings have been made by the Technical Team at Novenco AS in Oslo, Norway. Hi Air Korea have made all steel cutting, welding and assembly as per the design and drawings produced by Novenco. Performance testing is done by our Novenco AS team in collaboration with the Engineering team at Hi Air Korea.

Great work and yet another great product!