Cruise & Ferry

We develop complete solutions covering basic designs, detailed engineering, equipment manufacturing and relevant on-board installation and commissioning – including service after final delivery.

Our focus is to create energy-efficient solutions while maintaining ultra-low noise levels for any size of passenger ships, ranging from small ferries to large cruise vessels. Some of our most installed solutions include:

  • MicroVent VAV High-Pressure system
  • IDAC Fan Coil System for Pax Cabins
  • Reheat System for Cabins
  • High Efficiency Axial fans

We have manufactured and delivered HVAC&R solutions throughout the last 75 years, and by using top-quality equipment, we ensure satisfied passengers, whilst reducing the maintenance cost for ship owners.


We also do retrofit projects in all sizes, ranging from simple equipment delivery to complex projects which can include installation.
There can be many reasons to do a retrofit, and many of our retrofit projects revolves around automation. There is a vast amount of money to be saved when implementing automation,