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With products and systems from Novenco Marine & Offshore, you are sure to be equipped with high quality for a very long time.

After serving the Polar Research Vessel RSS Ernest Shackleton for 26 years, the Novenco air handling unit is due for replacement, even though still in good working conditions.

In that connection, Novenco Marine & Offshore was asked to evaluate the options for a replacement unit, which needs to be assembled inside the air conditioning room at the lower decks.

A team from the Novenco aftersales department were onboard the vessel to assess the situation on site. Our presence and involvement will ensure that we find the best possible solution for both the owner and crew without compromising the performance, reliability and quality.

Since we always ensure to deliver quality, we have such confidence in our system design and products that we offer standard solutions with both 5 and 7 years warranty.

We rely on and cherish our relationship with our customers, which is based on trust, customer focus and always walking the extra mile. If you need us on site for support, we will be there anytime, anywhere.

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