Flying Clipper HVAC

The Queen of sailing ships, the Flying Clipper, was launched June 10th in Brodosplit shipyard with Novenco equipment onboard. The impressive five masts vessel is 162 meters long, 18 meters wide and can accommodate 300 passengers and 150 crew members.

In the early 2015, Novenco Marine & Offshore was awarded with the order for design and supply of the accommodation and engine room HVAC systems for the most prestigious sailing vessel in the world. The HVAC system is an energy saving system with use of Fan Coil Units.  

Looking from the design side, the lack of space and the respect of the ships silhouette, requested a lot of commitment and efforts during the project execution. As a result of this, all air-handling units in the vessel are tailor made. It has been a source of new experiences and new knowledge for Novenco Marine & Offshore as well. The project has been a close cooperation between Novenco staff from Norway, Italy, Denmark and China.

Main scope of supply:

  • Design of HVAC System
  • 3 x 50% Chilled Water Refrigeration Plants. The chillers are serving the Air Handling Units and Fan Coils in the system, all designed and manufactured by Novenco Marine & Offshore.
  • 3 x 50% chilled water pumps distributing the chilled water to all the users.
  • 22 Air Handling Units serving the public spaces, passenger cabins, crew cabins and the Galleys.
  • Individual fan coils serve the 160 passenger cabins. The public spaces also have Fan Coils installed in order to reduce ducting and save energy. These are installed above the ceiling with easy access for maintenance.
  • Exhaust or ventilation fans serve all the technical spaces.
  • Mechanical Ventilation fans for all the technical spaces.
  • The Engine room is cooled by 8 pcs energy efficient Novenco Axial Flow Fans, which assure good ventilation of the engine room.
  • Commissioning of all HVAC system.
  • Automation system with Novenco developed structure and software based on Siemens product. It manages the entire HVAC system and controls the temperature and general system functions.

For more information about the project, please contact Mr. Luca Toso, Project Manager at or Ms. Daiana Duus, Project Manager at