The Novenco Senior Leadership Team carries out the day-to-day management duties. It also has overall responsibility for the results and development of the Novenco Group. The team consists of the following members:

Lasse Lindberg Nielsen (Danish, born 1974)
Joined Novenco in 2000
Holds a Bachelor of Marine Engineering from Aalborg Marine Engineer School. +45 5578 1530

Morten Christensen (Danish, born 1960)
Joined Novenco in 2021
Holds a Cand. Merc Aud from Copenhagen Business School and a Graduate Diploma (Organization and Management) +45 5578 1480

Alex Peng (Chinese, born 1973)
GM China
Joined Novenco in 2008
Holds a Bachelor of Accounting +86 189 6188 5381

Morten Velure (Norwegian, born 1978)
Managing Director Norway
Joined Novenco in 2006
Holds a Master in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) +47 9950 7107