More than 2,000 Cooling Units produced

When it comes to HVAC, Novenco Marine & Offshore is primarily known for fans and air handling units. However, we have also produced cooling plants in our own factory in Wuxi, China for the past 9 years. In that period, we have delivered 2,083 cooling units in total, and the cooling product range has expanded.

Back in 2006, Dania Capital acquired Novenco Group. Up until then, Novenco Group was part of the York group, which was our cooling unit supplier. Suddenly, we stood on our own feet related to cooling units. When our factory in Wuxi, China was established in 2007, it was with the idea of a separate cooling product line.

The development
Our procurement department found the best suppliers available, and our Product Management/Engineering departments teamed up with these suppliers in order to develop our own standard range The Sales department was providing input and demands received from the customers.

In October 2008, the first Cooling Direct Expansion (QDX) unit and Cooling Provision Plant (QPP) unit were produced. Now, the cooling production line was officially open, and the expansion of the cooling product range began. Today the QPP and QDX range covers more than 1,100 different standard models.

Two years later, Novenco Marine & Offshore expanded the cooling products with a range of marine chillers (QCM). The development has continued since the new range was implemented, and it now covers the full range from 30kW on a single piston compressor and up to 2000kW with twin-screw compressor units. This equals to more than 2000 standard units available in the factory.