HVAC&R solutions for navy requires a wide range of products from standardized marine equipment to more demanding requirements such as shock compliant solutions. With our broad experience both from Navy and marine, combined with our long offshore experience, we are able to deliver an optimized solution to comply with various Navy requirements, which can also be seen on our reference list for all sorts of naval ships all across the world.
We can supply equipment both from factories within the group and from our selected qualified vendors.

All projects will be executed through our professional project execution organization which builds upon the quality assurance and quality control requirements from our long experience in the offshore segment.

To ensure that we comply with the navy requirement on information security, we are ISO27001 certified.

3rd part delivery
We are aware that sometimes, specific Navy projects require qualified, shock compliant solutions with fully integrated logistics support data.
Novenco, in tight cooperation with our selectively qualified vendors, confidentially develops HVAC equipment for extreme marine conditions, considering for low-weight, low-noise & shock compliant criteria. We do this through a complete and entire design process.
Ultimately, the process is leading to a 3rd party product that is compliant with Navy legislation and reliable under the most stringent conditions.