Novenco delivers HVAC equipment to the Njord A upgrade

Novenco AS has been awarded the contract for delivery of HVAC equipment to the Njord A upgrade, which is currently ongoing at the Kværner shipyard in Stord.

CEO of Novenco in Norway, Mr. Per Einar Nilsen, says: “This is an exciting contract for Novenco, as it is technically demanding and challenging to design custom built solutions and equipment that are optimized to the available place.”

Njord A is a semi-submersible drilling, accommodation and production platform, which was built for the start of production of oil and gas at the Njord field in 1997. Njord A has since have been modified several times. The platform shall now be upgraded in order to facilitate the development of subsea installations on Snilehorn, and to be able to safely and reliably produce the remaining Njord and Hyme reserves within the new design lifetime.

Novenco’s contract includes the delivery of new Air Handling Units (AHUs), exhaust systems, DX systems as well as other in-line equipment to the ventilation system.   

The delivery is technically challenging as the new systems shall have a higher capacity then the existing one, and still need to fit inside the existing technical rooms. All AHUs are custom built so that they are optimized to the available space. Transportation of the equipment in to the room will also be challenging. Therefore the equipment has to be delivered in sections or flat packed and assembled in the room.

The equipment is scheduled to be delivered in the winter 2018/2019. The start-up of the production is scheduled for early 2019.