Novenco direct cooling unit with optimal efficiency

If you need something that is better….. but for the same price
Novenco Marine & Offshore have the solution for you

The Novenco direct cooling unit with optimal efficiency and redundancy at the complete capacity range.
Introducing the Novenco Marine & Offshore Scroll condensing unit:

With the special Novenco design and control, this unit is ideally made with marine application in mind.

Focus has been to design a unit, which in every way secure the most vital parameters for marine applications,

  • Build in redundancy
    With it’s four individual scroll compressors, the unit is able to continue to function as long as one of the four compressors are operational. Used in connection with a complete system design from Novenco Marine & Offshore, you would be sure never to suffer from insufficient cooling – even with a compressor fall out
  • Reliability 
    As the unit is composed by four individual Scroll compressors with their simple and well proven design, reliability is secured. Not only by ideal system design and control, but also by high quality components.
  • Functional and rigid design
    The unit is by design both functional in terms of operation, service and maintenance and resistant to rough handling in relation to installation and “daily traffic” – securing protection of all vital parts.

The unit is based on our “plug & play” concept, allowing simple and effective commissioning of the unit.
We offer all this and more for a very competitive price.

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Picture from actual commissioning:

Data for the unit in the picture above: 

Cooling water  
Cooling Capacity:250kW
Power frequency:60Hz
Power voltage3×440V