Novenco Wuxi Factory – with Customer in Focus

One of the tools Novenco Wuxi Factory uses in order to meet Customer Satisfaction regarding On Time Delivery – is through the “PRODUCTION BOARD MEETING”

In Novenco Wuxi Factory, every morning at 9:00am, representative employees from Production, Quality, Supply Chain, Procurement, Engineering will gather around the Board on the production line, discussing problems and potential problems and list on the board: Order status, material status, quality non-conforming, engineering drawing, BOM, testing status, etc. The main purpose is to concentrate on finding a way to solve all current problems immediately, in order to meet the final good quality with the on time delivery.
All departments will feedback with the most up-to-date information to the Production Planner – any problem will require a fixing date. Production Planner will then check if they can meet the final delivery date, and follow all the lack of material etc. The complete progress will show on the board by using the yellow dot to show what is “under processing”, red dot to show “abnormal situation”.
This visual production management procedure has helped Wuxi solve critical problems with fast decisions and actions – always with customer in focus.