NovPac optimization

NovPac production line optimization
In May 2017, our factory in Wuxi opened the new and optimized production line for our NovPac product, which is packaged air conditioners specially designed for marine and offshore installations. They are used for cooling in engine control rooms, galleys and other technical rooms. The goal with the new production line is to be more efficient through standardization of processes and improvements of the working environment.

The production line is based on conveyer belt and each work station has its own standard processes before the unit is moved to the next station. In the assembly line, the heavy lifting has been optimized by using cranes. The working environment has been improved by eliminating bad working positions for the employees with the installation of lifting tables for stations where it is needed.

All NovPac units from Novenco will go through a complete test running in our new state of the art testing facilities before leaving the factory. The new testing facilities have the required capacity to keep up with the optimized production line. 

New NovPac design
With the launch of the new and optimized production line, we have also launched a new design for the NovPac units. The improved design features an easier frame to assemble and better installation of components in order to fit the new production line.

The upgrades and new features have been implemented in the standard NovPac range, which gives you as a customer an even better product for a better price.

The new production line and design have resulted in a reduction of the lead time to 8 weeks from the order is placed.