Through professional project execution, we design and deliver HVAC solutions for harsh offshore environment in compliance with strict requirements from a wide range of offshore customers. With more than 40 years in the market, Novenco is among the most experienced suppliers of HVAC solutions for offshore and is today a well-recognized and respected supplier to this demanding market. We cover projects ranging from harsh arctic environment to tropical conditions and have delivered projects to most of the major players in this market.

Our own products and solutions
We have our own range of HVAC products suitable for a variety of offshore specifications. When there are special requirements, we will tailor these products to suit these needs through our engineering organization. All of this will happen in close dialogue with our customers to secure we meet the correct requirements.
If there are requirements to do full system design solutions, we will also do this. Our team of engineers will do heat load calculations, air flow calculations, pressure drop calculations, noise calculations, system solution concepts, single line and double line drawing as well as material take off for the entire building. Such design will be further followed up by our project execution, engineering and procurement team to deliver the required products and solutions aligned with the project requirements.

3rd part delivery
During engineering, we do everything we can to meet unique customer orders. With unique orders, designs arise from collaboration with the customer and 3rd party manufacturers, beginning with a need and a concept.
Novenco, in tight cooperation with our selectively qualified vendors, we develop the equipment specifications, materials, and in software development, we even develop the application platform through a complete and entire design process.
Ultimately the process is leading to a 3rd party product that is unique and suitable for the projects’ demands and certification requirements.