Our factory in China was established in December 2007. It is located in Wuxi New District in the Jiangsu province.

The factory is a 7500 m2 rented facility with a 5.600 m2 production area, where we produce Air-handling units, cooling products and control panels. Currently the factory has 70 employees.

Our production is in accordance with the environment, which is underlined by our ISO14001 standards. We continuously reduce the strain we put on the environment, as we reduce energy consumption, improve waste sorting, minimize steel scrap and evaluate our product range and suppliers from an environmental point of view.


Our factory is located 30 minutes outside of Riga, Latvia with the following facilities:

  • Assembly work shop and test area
  • Welding work shop, incl robotic welding machinery and pickling
  • Laser cutting, bending machinery, thin plate processing
  • Engineering offices
  • Warm/cold storage

All products are engineered by Novenco Norway, and the factory produces:

  • Indoor AHUs type ZPR (panels and frame work), AISI316L
  • Outdoor AHUs type ZNT (fully welded), AISI316L
  • Skids