Patents and trademarks

Novenco®, <Novenco Chinese 8104660 mark #1>, <Novenco Chinese 8104661 mark #2> and <Novenco Chinese 6898097 mark #3> are registered trademarks of Novenco Marine & Offshore A/S.

Event®, Event by Novenco®, Hi-Pres®, <Hi-Pres Chinese mark#1> and <Hi-Pres Chinese mark#2> are registered trademarks of Novenco Marine & Offshore A/S.

ZerAx® is a registered trademark of NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S.

AirBox™ and NovAx™ are trademarks of NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S.


The ZerAx® processes of manufacture, technologies and designs are patented by Novenco A/S or Novenco Building & Industry A/S. Pending patents include Brazil no. BR-11-2012-008607-3, BR-11-2012-008543-3, BR-11-2012-008545-0, BR-11-2014-002282-8 and BR-11-2014-002426-0; Canada no. 2.843.132; India no. 4140/CHENP/2012, 4077/CHENP/2012, 821/CHENP/2014 and 825/CHENP/2014; PCT no. EP2012/064908 and EP2012/064928; South Korea no. 10-2012-7012154.

Granted patents include Canada no. 2.777.140, 2.777.141, 2.777.144 and 2.832.131; China no. ZL2010800458842, ZL2010800460965, ZL2010800464275 and ZL2012800387210; EU no. 2488759, 2488760, 2488761 and 2739860 and 2739861; India no. 312464; South Korea no. 10-1907239, 10-1933724, 10-1980600 and 10-2011515; US no. 8.967.983, 9.200.641, 9.273.696 B2, 9.683.577 and 9.926.943 B2. Granted designs include Brazil no. BR-30-2012-003932-0; Canada no. 146333; China no. 1514732, 1517779, 1515003, 1555664 and 2312963; EU no. 001622945-0001 to 001622945-0009 and 001985391 - 0001; India no. 246293; South Korea no. 30-0735804; US no. D665895S, D683840S, D692119S, D704323S, D712023S, D743018S, D755363S, D756500S, D821560S and D823452S.

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