Axial flow fan – Zerax

The Novenco ZerAx series of axial flow fans use innovative design to reduce power consumption and to better fan efficiency. The work environment is helped through lowered fan sound levels.
The ZerAx fan efficiency goes above 90%, i.e. without considering the motor. ZerAx fans can run in reverse for shorter periods at speeds up to max. allowable speed for normal direction. In reverse, the airflow is reduced to approx. 50% of normal and the pressure to 25%.

•    Fan casing extension
•    Hub cover
•    Inlet cone with wire guard
•    Inlet wire guard
•    Outlet wire guard
•    Acoustic diffusers type YAD with core or type YAZ with or without core
•    Long/short diffuser
•    Silencers type YAA or YAH with or without core
•    Painted for C4/5 environments
•    Feet for horizontal mounting
•    Plate for vertical mounting
•    Anti-vibration mounting
•    Anti-vibration mounting plate
•    Flexible connection (PERL/Maritex)
•    Counter flange
•    Duct spigots
•    Measuring pipe
•    Roof hood type HAN
•    Damper type SBC