The QCM chiller is designed for a cooling capacity ranging from 30-1500kW. All system components are dimensioned and calculated for optimal performance at the required design parameters. The specially developed Novenco control system allows for optimal adjustment of the cooling capacity.

  • Compact marine chiller with screw compressor
  • Designed optimized for marine application, compact & robust;
  • Highly accurate capacity and temperature control system suited for AC as well as MGO/MDO cooling;
  • High quality components for maximum reliability, endurance and minimum maintenance;
  • SIEMENS PLC control of all unit functions;
  • Touch screen interface for easy unit operation and status overview;
  • Control of up to 4 independent chilled water consumers;
  • Basic system allows for 1-6 individual chillers to be easily connected to form a sequence controlled system;
  • Available both as single and twin versions for improved redundancy