Super Speed

The cabin units type Super Speed are for Super Speed systems on the marine market. The units are single-pipe based VAV air conditioning systems with electric heating coils.
Characteristic for the Super Speed unit is the separation of the sound attenuator from the cabin unit. This gives maximum flexibility in the installation of the unit.

Main features

  • Available in three sizes with air quantities from 100 to 1080 m3/h
  • Low energy consumption
  • Electric heating elements with capacities of either 800 or 1500 W
  • Climate Control Unit (CCU) with software for control, energy optimising, alarm handling etc.
  • Manually or automatically reset safety switches in case of overheating
  • Pressure transmitter for accurate airflow control
  • Temperature sensor for measuring of supply air temperature
  • Made of galvanised sheet steel
  • Optional Digital User Panel (DUP) for control of up to three cabin units
  • Optional cable for communication between CCU and DUP
  • Optional brackets for suspension
  • Optional separate sound attenuator
  • Optional diffusers for replacing grills