QHSE Policy (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment)

Novenco develops and manufactures high-quality heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

The Novenco goal is to offer environmentally responsible and energy efficient solutions, which meet even the most demanding global comfort and safety requirements.

Novenco wants to continuously grow and improve the company based on the policy of:

  • Continuously development of products, systems and services in order to meet the customer expectations and requirements
  • Thinking quality into the whole order to delivery process based on a 0-defect philosophy
  • Reducing the global environmental impact by designing and manufacturing ventilation equipment which is resource efficient, having long lifetimes and being manufactured in environmentally safe ways
  • Complying with relevant legislation and statutory instruments regarding quality, health, safety and environment
  • Ensuring a working environment for employees where knowledge and experience is developed through training- and education and where all employees know their possibilities of influencing the overall objectives of the company
  • Establishing a culture where the employee’s attitude, commitment and responsibility for quality, health, safety, and environment has high priority
  • Preventing injuries and ill health by ensuring an optimal working environment where we constantly work with improvements of safety and the working environment
  • Developing and continuously improving the efficiency of our management system in compliance with ISO 9001.