HVAC is of high importance for the offshore wind substations. The substations contain equipment like switchboards, transformers and control panels, which will create a lot of excess heat in the rooms.
Maintaining the correct temperature is crucial for continuous operation, and since the platforms are usually unmanned, a reliable system designed with high quality for a long lifetime in a harsh environment with minimum of maintenance is of uttermost importance.
In addition to this, the platforms usually have remote control access, and Novenco can also take on the delivery and integration of the control system with our cloud solution.
We can supply equipment both from factories within our organization, as well as from our selected qualified vendors.

All projects will be executed through our professional project execution organization which builds upon the quality assurance and quality control requirements from our long experience in the offshore segment.

3rd part delivery
Novenco, in tight cooperation with our selectively qualified vendors, develops the equipment specifications, materials, and in software development, furthermore, we develop the application platform through a complete and entire design process.
Ultimately, the process is leading to a 3rd party product that is unique and suitable for the offshore environment, while also minimizing the maintenance work and eliminates the risk of downtime on the station.