Successful Wet Test

Successful Wet Test of Cooling Plant with Air Handling Unit for Culzean FSO Ailsa

In October 2016, Sembcorp Marine (SCM) in Singapore awarded Novenco Marine & Offshore with the HVAC package contract for a new Floating, Storage and Offloading (FSO) unit for MODEC.

When completed, the FSO will be deployed at the Culzean field approximately 145 mile (233 kilometres) off the coast of Aberdeen in water depth of around 295 feet (90 meters). The Culzean field is operated by Maersk Oil UK with co-ventures’ BP and JX Nippon.

Novenco’s scope of supply contains Air Handling Units and our QDX condensing units with integrated control. The equipment and system need to comply with stringent rules and regulations such as:

  • UK Offshore Regulations
  • Applicable EU Regulations and Directives (PED, LVD, EMC, etc.)
  • DNV GL Class Rules
  • Maersk Oil Technical Standards (MOTS) and Design Standards (MODES)

The HVAC package is also categorized under Inspection Code 1 by DNV as CVA (Company’s Verification Agent) appointed by Maersk Oil UK. This means, Novenco will go through below additional verification by DNV to get Certificate of Compliance in order to deliver the equipment from our factory to the project.

Inspection CodeDesign VerificationFabrication SurveyOffshore SurveyDocument Review
IC 1YesYesYesYes

Novenco provides two identical QDX cooling systems for accommodation area with cooling capacity as below:

  • 2 x QDX condensing units including 150kW cooling capacity with R407C 
  • 2 x Air Handling Units with ~38000m3/h Air flow, 150kW cooling capacity and casing in AISI 316L
  • 4 x Starter and Control Panels with Siemens PLC and HMI

In June 2017, after proper preparation, the official wet test was conducted in our factory in Wuxi under inspection by DNV surveyor. Two identical QDX cooling systems have been running with major functions tested. Running parameters have been verified and recorded in compliance with design parameters and have been approved by DNV. 

On July 6 2017, Novenco received the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) issued by DNV and now the equipment is on the way to Sembcorp Marine in Singapore.

For more information, please contact Mr. Richard Xu, General Manager China a or Mrs. Jean Lee, General Manager Singapore at