USCG Fast Response Cutter Program at Bollinger Shipyard – Lockport

In the past 8 years (first contract awarded in 2009) Novenco Marine & Offshore has successfully designed, supplied, installed and commissioned on board the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system for the USCG Fast Response Cutter (FRC) program.

So far, Novenco system has been commissioned and handed over up to FRC #31, while installation is completed up to FRC #33 and equipment fully delivered up to FRC #38.

FRC #28 – USCG Nathan Bruckenthal, see Picture 1 – has been delivered from Bollinger to Coast Guard on March, 29th 2018 and FRC #29 – USCG Forrest Rednour – will soon follow at beginning of June, 2018.
Each FRC is named from an enlisted Coast Guard hero who distinguished him or herself in the line of duty.

Among the other strict military demands to comply with (high speed, low noise and best comfort on board to start with), Novenco has successfully met the ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) requirements for both equipment components and documentation.
Considering how extremely important is for the U.S. Government to keep high level of standardization within the FRCs series of vessels in order to minimize the logistic cost for spare parts and crew training, main focus has been on addressing obsolescence throughout the whole life of the contract.

Thanks to all Novenco project team people involved for the great job done so far. Well done, guys!!!

A special mention to our site manager Antonio Martinez Formoso, who has been supporting both Bollinger and Novenco project team for the last 3 ½ years. He will go back to Europe at the end of July, 2018.
Alberto Lozano will take over from him starting from August, 2018. Good luck with your new challenge!

A great welcome to our new project manager Carlo Del Frate, who has taken over from Daiana Dus – currently in maternity leave – from May, 2018.  Good luck to you on everything, too!

FRC 28 USCG Nathan Bruckenthal
Novenco Project team
From the left: Alberto Lozano, Carlo Del Frate, Luca Pasqualotti, Luca Cantoni and Antonio Martinez Formoso